KetoGenX Reviews -Pills, price, side effects, where to buy, pharmacy, original

KetoGenX Reviews -Pills, price, side effects, where to buy, pharmacy, original

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KetoGenX starts with intense fat loss and accelerates weight loss thanks to a special formula that combines three selected extracts. The ingredients block further weight loss, and at the same time stimulate the burning of supplies carefully accumulated around the abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. The creators of the preparation believe that losing weight does not have to be a tedious process full of sacrifices and unsuccessful attempts. It is enough to support the composition with appropriately selected substances, e.g.   Keto GenX. Thanks to these capsules, you will get rid of unsightly wrinkles and protruding bellies faster, reduce your body size, make your figure slimmer and achieve a satisfactory weight.

What’s the difference between losing weight and losing fat?

Weight loss refers to the reduction in overall body weight through loss of muscle, water, and fat.

Fat loss refers to losing weight from fat, and it is a more specific and healthier goal than weight loss.

However, it can be difficult to tell if you are losing weight from fat or muscle.

This article explains why fat loss is more important than weight loss, how to distinguish them from each other, and provides tips for losing fat and maintaining muscle mass.


Ways to tell if you’re losing fat

It is common practice to  track your  weight loss progress with your weight.

While this can be helpful, most weights do not distinguish between fat loss and muscle loss.

For this reason, tracking only your weight is not a reliable way to determine if you are losing fat or muscle and in what amounts.

Conversely,  a body fat scale  can provide a more accurate picture of your body composition by measuring the percentage of fat and muscle you have.

You can also use a skin fold caliper to estimate your body fat percentage, but it does take practice to ensure accuracy.

keto genx

Focus on fat loss, not weight loss

Many weight loss programs claim to help you lose weight quickly and easily.

However, it’s important to realize that a significant portion of this weight can involve water and muscle loss ( Trusted Source ,  Trusted Source ).

Losing muscle  can be harmful as muscle is a key part of your overall health.

Maintaining a healthy percentage of muscle mass has several benefits, such as regulating healthy blood sugar levels, maintaining healthy levels of fats – such as triglycerides and cholesterol – in the blood, and controlling inflammation.

Indeed, several studies have linked higher fat-to-muscle ratios to chronic conditions such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and diabetes ( Trusted Source ,  Trusted Source ,  Trusted Source ).

Maintaining muscle mass can also reduce the risk   of  age- related muscle loss  , leading to weakness and potential disability ( Trusted Source ).

Additionally, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when resting. This is the main reason why men generally need more calories than women ( Trusted Source ).

Consequently, losing weight in the form of muscle may reduce the number of calories you burn at rest, facilitating the recovery of the lost weight as fat. 

How to lose fat and maintain or gain muscle

There are several simple ways to lose weight as fat and maintain or increase your muscle mass.

These include eating plenty of  protein , exercising regularly, and following a nutrient-rich diet that causes a low calorie deficit.


Now of the ways is Keto GenX !

KetoGenX – we improve the quality of weight loss!

KetoGenX  is a dietary supplement that will help us successfully go through the weight loss process without sacrifice, without excessive appetite, without snacking, without overloading the menu with fattening food, but also without losing energy and motivation and without psychophysical fatigue.

The supplement also ensures undisturbed digestion and fast metabolism, thanks to which our body burns calories more dynamically and uses fat reserves more often to supplement energy.

Treatment with KetoGenX will be useful for people who want to lose weight:

  • You are fed up with ineffective weight loss methods and you finally want to start effective weight loss,
  • you are looking for an energy trigger, appetite blocker and fat burning activator all in one,
  • want to burn fat and expose muscles to get a slim, sculpted figure,
  • By losing weight, they want to ensure good health – lower cholesterol, get rid of toxins, improve digestion, get rid of nagging headaches or sleep problems,
  • You want to have a good mood and undisturbed motivation to lose weight every day.

KetoGenX – product composition

KetoGenX   proves that you do not need a multi-component  formula  to strongly and multi- sidedly support the weight loss process. An interesting combination of 3 active ingredients, such as green tea, artichoke leaves and moringa, guarantees the product’s activity both in the mental and metabolic sphere. The dietary supplement does not lack energizing properties, which will certainly please people who have problems with increasing the level of exercise in everyday life.

How each of the ingredients in the KetoGenX supplement works:

  • Green tea  – stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, blocks the absorption of fats and sugars from food, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, supports thermogenesis, supports the intensification of calorie burning and accelerates fat loss. It gives you energy and improves your mood.
  • Moringa – has a  positive effect on the digestive tract, improves intestinal function, prevents sugar spikes and bad cholesterol in the blood. It reduces the appetite for sweets and prevents hunger pangs. It offers a substantial injection of valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It improves mood, reduces fatigue and maintains high energy levels throughout the day.
  • Artichoke  – one of the best plant materials that improves the functioning of the liver and digestive system. It reduces constipation, stimulates thorough detoxification of the body, regulates metabolism, and improves carbohydrate metabolism. It counteracts sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels, protects against hunger pangs and promotes long-term satiety after a meal. Artichoke is also an ingredient that stimulates the body to burn stored fat faster.

KetoGenX – effects of use

Losing weight is much easier when you take fat loss supplements like KetoGenX. The direct effects of taking these capsules regularly are:

  • Appetite suppression,
  • less frequent hunger, as a result of which the eating habit is blocked,
  • more energy all day long,
  • better well-being, greater enthusiasm for weight loss,
  • faster metabolism,
  • faster breakdown of adipose tissue,
  • more efficient digestion and more effective elimination of harmful substances from the body,
  • regular weight loss, an average of 2 kg per week.

KetoGenX – reviews

It works fast and to the point – users say “yes” to KetoGenX . According to many opinions, the preparation fights obesity from the very first dose – it gives the impression of satiety and perfectly suppresses the appetite, even for sweets, which leads to a significant reduction in the daily consumption of calories. In this way, the supplement helps to maintain the diet without feeling that we are giving up our favorite snacks or dishes.

According to many comments, the effects of the capsules are almost immediate – day by day we become lighter and we begin to intensively break down the accumulated fat. Customers who have used or are using  Keto GenX  also report its beneficial effects on the digestive system, efficient regulation of the digestive cycle, improved metabolism, and increased energy levels. Commentators rate the product as one of the best weight loss supplements on the market.

Keto GenX – Where to buy the supplement?

KetoGenX capsules  can be ordered through the official website of the product. This is by far the best, fastest and safest type of transaction. Interestingly, we can take advantage of an attractive price reduction there!

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