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Today we will introduce a new product Prostoxalen, a dietary supplement based on plant extracts, which is promoted to prevent prostatitis. As well as, prostatic hypertrophy and analyzed its components, effectiveness, cost, method of use and side effects.

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Prostatitis affects 90% of men

Prostatitis is a problem that should not be taken lightly and affects more than 90% of men of all ages. This discomfort, which over time can become a real discomfort, prevents the peaceful experience of certain situations, causing discomfort even at the psychological level. In fact, the problems caused prostatitis affect both urination, erection and libido, causing severe abdominal and groin pain.

In fact, when the first symptoms appear, it is good to act immediately, without waiting for them to worsen over time. For this reason, after years of study and research, a 100% natural supplement was created to restore prostate health : Prostoxalen.

However, there are certain habits that are best abandoned, such as alcohol consumption, smoking, an unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle.


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Prostoxalen tablets: what is it and what are the benefits

Prostoxalen tablet supplement was created as a result of a series of in-depth studies conducted in Israel by industry experts, which condensed the best ingredients and active ingredients into one product.

With its all-natural formula, Prostoxalen allows you to reap various benefits. In fact, this product not only eliminates inflammation of the prostate from the root, but restores erection and libido, regulates urination and removes inflammation of the pelvic system. It is for this reason that Prostoxalen can be used both for the treatment of prostatitis and for preventive purposes, reducing the risk of contracting any kind of inflammation.

The use of this supplement therefore allows you to naturally restore the quality of your daily life, moving away from plastic surgery or products containing chemical ingredients that very often cause unwanted and side effects.

However, we believe it is important to discuss in detail the benefits that can be gained from consuming Prostoxalen. Although the action of each ingredient is specific, each component of the product works in synergy with the others to have a complete supplement.

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Prostoxalen supplement composition:

Sabal palm extract

This native Florida plant is also known as Florida Palmetta. The properties of dark berries have been known since the time of the natives and are still used today to treat problems related to the male sexual system. In particular Saw Palmetto is administered for the treatment of ailments such as testicular atrophy and prostatitis, which is why it was chosen for the composition of the Prostoxalen . In addition, the plant is also considered an excellent aphrodisiac for men to rebalance their libido.

Ginkgo biloba extract

This plant of Chinese origin, also known as the golden apricot, has strong properties that stimulate the circulatory system, capillaries, venous and arterial systems. It is for this reason that the plant proves to be an excellent ally in combating prostate inflammation, which is often caused by malfunctioning microcirculation. In fact, among its various benefits, Ginkgo Balboa also helps to thin the blood and oxygenate the tissues, counteracting the symptoms associated with male impotence.

Echinacea Extract

The extract of this plant is widely used in the world of herbal medicine, which has known its beneficial properties for some time. In fact, Echinacea is very useful in combating inflammation of the urinary tract, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action of the elements it contains.

What’s more, the extract is also excellent for boosting the immune system, an aspect that should not be neglected when an infection such as prostatitis is circulating. By boosting immune defenses, you increase the chances of not getting prostatitis again, which often recurs in people who have already experienced it once.

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Zinc is a very useful mineral for the proper functioning of the body. Because of its importance at the level of male intimacy, Zinc is essential for the proper development of sex hormones and for the health of the prostate, guaranteed by the positive effects that Zinc has on the colon. Often, in fact, these two symptoms – irritation of the colon and prostatitis – occur together, so it is very important to maintain a healthy colon .

How does the Natural Supplement work Prostoxalen ?

In the first few days of treatment based on Prostoxalen tablets, you will be able to notice a marked improvement, that is, the definite disappearance of cramps, annoying symptoms, pains and burning along the lumbar region.

In the second period of treatment, it helps normalize urination, which will become less frequent, and relieves inflammation.

Finally, in the final phase, it will be possible to completely restore erections, and thus improve the intimate sphere without worrying about the reappearance of prostatitis symptoms.


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How to use the tablets Prostoxalen

Since the supplement comes in a package containing 60 tablets, taking it Prostoxalen is very simple.

First of all, you have the option of taking the pills with you on the road, which should not be ignored during the treatment period. In fact, the manufacturer recommends taking three tablets a day, two before lunch and one before dinner.

As capsules you have the option of swallowing them with any liquid, although it is advisable to sip them with a glass of water. As for the duration of treatment, all records are written on the package itself. Of course, since it is recommended to take three pills a day, and there are 60 in the package, we advise you to buy at least two packs of Prostoxalen to benefit from its properties for at least 30 days.

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What are the opinions and comments Prostoxalen

Customers opinion

In our opinion, there is no more transparent way than to reveal some of the comments of consumers, who have already had the opportunity to use the Prostoxalen . Since we do not have the ability to report thousands of reviews, we have selected four comments from the many we received, which, as you can see, are positive. In fact, the effectiveness Prostoxalen has now been widely demonstrated thanks to people who have chosen to testify to their experience, which we believe is very important for those who are considering purchasing the product.

“35 years old – For several months I have had prostate problems that have infiltrated the intimate life of my couple. My girlfriend and I decided to give it a try Prostoxalen and today we can say that we have found intimate balance.”

“54 years old – This is not the first time I have had to fight prostatitis, but until now I have not yet found an effective remedy. Looking on the Internet I came across Prostoxalen and after just 15 days I can say that I have much less pain in my groin, the worst symptom of prostatitis.”

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Price and where to buy Prostoxalen

Once on the site, all you have to do is fill out the form with your name and the phone number where you want to be contacted. After submitting the form, you will actually get a call from a telephone operator who will confirm receipt of the application, where you can leave information about the address where you want to receive the allowance. Shipping is done anonymously, in order to protect your privacy.

As for payment, you can do it online, by credit card or directly at the time of product pick-up, in cash. Shipping is free only when purchased Prostoxalen Online. On the pricing side, right now you have the opportunity to take advantage of a favorable promotion that allows you to purchase the supplement for only -50% off the regular price. However, the offer is limited and valid while supplies last.

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